Neram grew up an orphan in the city of Lybrabar, in the region of Impiltur. Following the advent of the spellplague, the region fell in chaos and gave way to organized crime rings throughout its once peaceful kingdom. As a teenager, he was taken in off the streets by a crime syndicate and by his early adulthood, ranked as one of their best earners.

When he was 25 however, the syndicate began to move against the watchguard of Lybrabar and it was crushed. Neram was one of the unwitting members set-up to take the blame and was sentenced to 10 years in prison. Betrayed by the only people he’d loved and trusted, Neram lost all meaning in his life. Whilst serving his ten year sentence he met a cleric of Bahamut who ministered to inmates and, in time, Neram became a true believer. Upon being freed, Neram renounced his life of crime and vowed to never kill another living being unless absolutely necessary to his survival.

Thus, he cast aside his divine powers of Tiamat and welcomed Bahamut into his heart. He currently travels across Faerun, working with adventurers seeking fortune and glory, as a pacifist cleric of Bahamut.


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